My Approach to Fitness

I believe in starting with building a strong foundation, mastering form, and advancing when your body is ready. Training should be as unique as each individual and their goal. Whether your goal is about weight loss, strength gains, or injury prevention, functional training combined with other enjoyable methods will keep you progressing towards your goal.  No matter your experience level or fitness goal, I will find the right training methods to help you down your path to wellness. 

Function​al Training​​​​

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a screen that looks at seven different fundamental movement patterns that require a balance of stability and mobility.  These patterns not only provide a baseline for proper movement, but they also show which movement patterns are problematic due to weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries, and restrictions.  The screen allows the health and fitness professional to better develop a workout or program to improve fitness, performance, and most importantly, better manage injury risk that may not have been otherwise discovered.

TRX Suspension Training

It is the ultimate true total-body workout with no machines and no weights.  With TRX suspension trainers, you use your own body and gravity as resistance.  The core is constantly challenged while engaging numerous muscle groups at once, improving total body strength and function. The progressions are endless and are as easy as moving your hands and feet.  It is for any person, at any fitness level, for any fitness goal.  TRX will help improve stability, flexibility, strength, endurance, and even cardiovascular health. 
The TRX rip trainer is a weighted bar with a resistance bungee.  It is excellent for extra focus on the core, working with unilateral resistance, and building power, especially for the rotational sport athletes.  Regardless of your goal, implementing the TRX trainers will help get you there.

Corrective Exercise Training

To reach your maximum potential, your body must first be able to function at its highest level.  This is achieved through corrective exercises.  Corrective exercise training begins with an assessment of specific areas to determine if there are areas of tightness, weakness, or improper functioning.  Once identified, a specific routine is developed to correct the issues found to allow the body to function at its most efficient and highest level possible, often leading to improved function and decreased pain.  Once you are performing at your highest level, you will then be able to build strength, endurance, and stability to a level never before achieved.  Corrective exercise training will include self-myofascial release, stretching, resistance training, weight training, and stability exercises.  

Kettlebells and Calisthenics

When utilizing kettlebells, think yoga meets weights.  They build strength and endurance while moving through very functional movements that we often perform during our daily lives.  They help improve full body function by working on a broad range of muscle groups at once.  Kettlebells are fantastic for building muscle, but they also work perfectly for cardio, stability, and endurance.  Done properly, kettlebells offer a great full body workout.  Proper form is critical with kettlebells and therefore should initially only be attempted in the presence of a trained professional.  
Calisthenics are a type of exercise where you use your own body's weight as resistance to build strength and stability. This may seem simple, but done properly, calisthenics can be some of the hardest exercises you will do.  They are great for those who are just beginning an exercise regimen, but they can also be progressed to challenge even the most experienced athlete.  With only a few exercises, you can do a challenging full body workout with no equipment, making exercising at home and on the go a breeze.

IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

IASTM is a manual therapy approach to musculoskeletal injuries that involves rubbing a beveled metal instrument over the skin.  This cutting-edge manual therapy aids in breaking up abnormal densities in tissues, relaxing overactive muscles, stimulating the nervous system for improved activation in underactive areas, and promoting the healing response to improve recovery time. The treatment is a non-invasive and often produces immediate results with little to no discomfort.  IASTM is ideal for improving mobility and stability, decreasing pain and tightness, and improving overall function of the areas treated. 

Other Services

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